Wild camping in Cornwall

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There is so much I adore about camping, and wild camping especially. Finding a little spot away from anyone, or anything of human consequence. Preparing a plot of ground I will call my home for the night. Setting up camp at sunrest, and waking up in the first blue light. … Read More

The Forever-Days

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  Summer Solstice, 2017 At thirty minutes to midnight, I remember I’ve left something outside in the car. I place the door ajar and across the dew-touched grass I walk out and into the night, looking up from my bare feet only to get my bearings. There is more light … Read More

Nature, everywhere I go

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Good evening to everyone, now from Portugal! It’s been a beautiful day in Porto, a city with a soft heart in the west of Portugal. Although as a baby I was brought up in Portugal, I have no memories of the country. So although I’m taking photos for a music … Read More

Never perfect

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There is nothing more reviving like a spring’s day – and increasingly feeling more and more like summer, although it seems to be slowly on its way in starts and stops like a struggling motor car. On a walk through a place where the living world is thriving – a small park, … Read More

My own sea

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The past few weeks, a lot of my energy has been going into a new business I’ve been working on, and I’ve been taking on new responsibilities. Good ones, but difficult ones. It’s just a new journey, and new journeys are always hard to start. I’ve been feeling really tired. … Read More

Fidel Castro: The mourning days in Havana

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One of the blog posts I’ve been longing to write up is a reflection on some of the reactions to Fidel Castro passing away when I was in Cuba. Four months later, it seems a long time afterwards to write everything that has happened. But the weeks of editing it … Read More

Faces of Cuba

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This post is dedicated to the people of Cuba, whose lives I only caught a glimpse of during my travels in the country! This trip took place at the historic time of the passing of Fidel Castro, where I started to develop an amateur interest in portrait photography and capturing … Read More

There are wildernesses left to find

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Last week, I was planning to explore the Lake District and the Pennines during a work trip I was taking to the north of England. But alas, unusually strong storms settled across the country. Instead I spent most of my time battling through winds and rain on the road between … Read More

Respecting a place

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I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! It’s been such a cold month here in England, and although I work quite well in the cold and it keeps me energetically, it’s made me miss the sunshine, as well as nights where I can go outside in less than four … Read More

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